perfo ground reinforcement system

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Videos of PERFO grass reinforcement installations now online

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Interlocking tile system

For effective reinforcement of soft ground on airfields

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See Perfo review in PILOT Feb. 03 edition

Many airfields  in the UK and Europe regularly have serious problems with soft, unstable ground on grass runways, parking areas and taxiways. Recent winters having been particularly bad. This results in many lost flying days owing to these areas on airfields being unserviceable. As a result many airfield owners, flying  clubs and aircraft operators may also suffer considerable loss of  income.


Rutting  and digging in on soft ground

No longer  a problem once PERFO is installed

S2T  Aviation now offer help with the patented PERFO system of interlocking tiles for ground reinforcement applications. The system consists of interlocking  PE/PP tiles which are made up into larger sections by simply snapping them  together using the incorporated arrow-head hooks. These sections are then laid directly onto the soft ground and rolled in. The system is ideal for use on runways, taxiways, aprons and hard-standings, helipads and also as a hangar floor.

The  system was first installed at an airfield in Reiselfingen, South West Germany  about 6 years ago as a trial project to reinforce a grass runway, with excellent  results. The airfield operators happily report that they have gained several months extension to their flying season, as a result of major problems due to soft ground and rutting being overcome through application of the PERFO  system.

Runways and Helipads
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 Perfo runway at Schaffhausen (CH) 3 months after installation

Perfo reinforced helipad

Reiselfingen, Germany

after laying

 6 months later

1 year later

 Hangar Floors

Main Advantages

bullet durable, all weather surface
bullet increased flying season  & revenue
bullet safer, more secure take-off  & landing surface
bullet secure interlocking tiles  prevent standing edges
bullet tiles do not rot
bullet grass grows back through  the tiles, preserving the character of grass airstrips
bullet tiles allow water to pass  through them. Natural drainage maintained
bullet planning permission not  required in most countries
bullet no special tooling or skills  required for installation
bullet airfield's own labour force  can install the system in a short time
bullet tiled matting can be rolled  into unprepared soft grass surface
bullet tiles can be removed later,  if required
bullet low cost when compared  to alternative options


The best time to  install PERFO is when the ground is already soft. PERFO is supplied already  made up in pallet sized sections (121 x 81 cm or 121 x 121 cm). These are then securely  clipped together using the patented interlocking system to provide the required  surface area. Any ruts should be filled with a sand/soil mixture and levelled off beforehand. The sections can then be laid directly onto the grassed surface. Ideally  the grass should be cut as short as possible beforehand. No special tools  or skills are required for installation. Once an initial area of PERFO sections are in  position, they are simply rolled into the soft ground ideally using a vibrating  roller or wacker plate as used in road construction.

Simple  3-step PERFO installation possible in most cases

1.  Lay out tiles in position

2.  Clip them together

3.  Roll them in

Easy  to lay, without special tools or skills





Within a short time  the grass grows back up through the openings in the PERFO tiles, restoring  the original appearance of the grassed area. The natural suction effect  of the ground below provides an excellent key which holds the PERFO matting  securely in place. After a short period the system "becomes one" with the  original surface, which as a result now has greatly increased stability  and load bearing capabilities. Rutting and bogging down become a thing of  the past.


Download PERFO  installation guidelines (PDF format) here

Videos of PERFO grass reinforcement installations now online

Click here to view


Compared to solutions using concrete or tarmac, PERFO is a very economical alternative.  Click below for a comparison of the costs for a 30 and 100 m² hardstanding using either PERFO, concrete or tarmac.

Click for cost comparison

Pilots'  Views of the PERFO System

 Pilots who fly from airfields where PERFO has been installed on the grass  runway, have praised the firm surface which results. Take-off runs have  become shorter and the overall sensation is of a far safer, more stable  and secure take-off and landing surface, compared to the original grass  runway. However, as the pictures show, the natural character of a grass  airstrip is maintained. Although 75% of the new surface is made up  of the load bearing and weight distributing PERFO tiles, only about 10% or less of this remains visible, once the grass has re-established itself. This is normally within the space of a few months.

Civil Aviation Authority Approval

S2T  Aviation have been informed by the UK CAA Aerodrome Standards Division that  no specific approvals would be required in the UK for the PERFO system.  If an airfield wishes to install the system to reinforce a licensed grass  runway, it should be notified as an "On Aerodrome Development". An inspection  may take place after installation, to make sure that the requirements of  CAP 168 continue to be met, although it is unlikely that the use of PERFO  would negatively affect this.

Various views
(click to enlarge)

4  + 1 tiles

4+1  underside

4+1 close-up


Interlocking  2

Join  (underside)

Download our PERFO Airfield Application Leaflet   (PDF) here

Further  Applications for Perfo Interlocking Tiles

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